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Abstract Irrespective of culture, geographic or economic differences, the use and dissemination of advanced technologies is changing the way humans live, work and interact. It is only through collective and collaborative action, responsible and responsive leadership, and acceptance by policy-makers that public governance, is something that should be a shared endeavor, can states forge a positive way forward for citizens. Agile governance is a tool to help citizens, organizations and policy-makers join forces to build a new public governance model for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, one that seeks to ensure that policies are adaptive, human-centered, inclusive and sustainable. What is agile governance and what are its characteristics? What tools can be considered for agile governance, and what is the relationship between public policy and agile governance? This article has been tracked. Accordingly, the research method of this paper is analytical-documentary type. Considering that such a subject has not been considered in the field of public policy making in Persian language, this paper plays an important role in the development of this topic in the context of Iranian organizations. This article also shows that Iranian state organizations are forced to pay attention to agile governance.
Keywords : Policy Making, Agile Governance, Fourth Industrial Revolution
The present study investigates the relationship between authentic leadership and organizational health considering the mediating role of psychological capital among the staff of Central Organization of Farhangian Teacher Education University (FTEU). This is a practical research in terms of purpose. The statistical population of this study was all the employees of the Central Organization of Farhangian Teacher Education University. Based on the Morgan table, 140 were selected out of 230 staff as the sample. In order to collect data, three questionnaires such as authentic leadership, psychological capital, and organizational health were used. The Cronbach's alpha coefficient of psychological capital and organizational health came out to be 0.91, 0.86 and 0.89 respectively.In this research, structural equations model and confirmatory factor analysis have been used for authentic leadership, psychological capital and organizational health which have been analyzed by Smart PLS software. The results indicate that the mediating variable of psychological capital has a fairly complete effect on the relationship between authentic leadership and organizational health, and authentic leadership with an impact on psychological capital can play a significant role in organizational health.
Keywords : Authentic Leadership, Organizational Health, Psychological Capital
Keywords :
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In order to gain competitive advantage for their survival and competence, most of the large companies in the private sector have been actively taking initiatives to adopt tools and techniques of knowledge management. However, evidence drawn from the existing literature suggests that public sector is falling behind in these practices. Governments are now realizing the importance of KM to its policy-making and service delivery to the public and some of the government departments are beginning to put KM high on its agenda. Iran is no exception. Nevertheless, KM in Iran is still in the Primary stages. Studying the experiences of different countries in the field KM in the public and government sectors can provide practical lessons for Iran. In this regard, the experiences of different countries in the field of KM in the public and government sectors were selected in three categories: high R & D, intermediate R & D and low R & D. Also, Metha-Synthesis has been used to analyze the experiences and extract the main themes related to KM from them. The most important aspects of KM in the public sectors are human resources and training, technological infrastructure, organizational culture and leadership, learning and innovation, structure and organizational culture. In the same way, a conceptual model proposed for establishment of knowledge management in the public sector of Iran in addition to the description of its elements. Keywords: Knowledge Management, Public Sector, Adaptive Approach.
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